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Branneky Headlines!

2024 Spring Giveaway!

The 2024 spring giveaway is officially here! We put out a post asking what you'd like to see be given away; You answered and we listened! The majority mentioned a fire pit; With that being said, we're giving away a $550+ retail value package which includes a propane gas fireplace and a Branneky Hardware hat of your choosing! 

Firepit cutout.png

Plant Season has Begun!

Plant season at Branneky Hardware has officially begun as of March 5th when we received our first delivery of Herbs, Cole crops, cool season flowers and cool season crops! If you're not already, make sure to follow the "Branneky Hardware Plant Lovers" facebook group for detailed information our incoming deliveries!  


4th Annual Chick Day!

Tim Branneky just announced that our 4th annual "Chick Day" will be held on April 13, 2024! The last three years have been a major success watching numerous households bring these chicks into their families and raising them to be full grown, egg producing chickens!  On April 13th, we will have roughly 100 chicks that will be available for purchase as-well as chick starter kits! These starter kits will supply you with everything you'll need to support your chicks!


With two master gardeners on staff (Jackie and Bev Branneky), we make it our goal to not only inform you; But help and teach you how to have the most effective planting season to see the best results! We're counting down til the planting season begins with our cole crops!


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We have the most followed Facebook page out of all St. Louis hardware stores. We've taken big steps and invested to make sure our Facebook page is not only entertaining, but informative.

Our post include:

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“Excellent "home town" hardware store! Not many places like this left!! Just an incredible place to shop!”

-Thomas Hays via Google Feedback

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