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The Branneky Team
Meet the friendly crew of Branneky Hardware

At Branneky Hardware we are fortunate to have long term dedicated employees in all departments starting with owner Tim Branneky, who have been in the business since he was a kid! Tim has been in the store for over 30 years. His mother, Bev Branneky is semi-retired and takes care of all our plants and the Garden Center. She has been with Branneky's since she married the late Jack Branneky over 50 years ago.


Tim Branneky

Store Owner: 4th Generation

Tim Branneky, son of Jack Branneky is the 4th generation and has been in the store his whole life. Tim is the current store owner and oversees all day-to-day operations while providing individual customer service on the sales floor. You may have seen Tim on facebook as he is the star of the Branneky Hardware "Video of The Month" series that is featured at the beginning of each month for the last 3 years. Tim's monthly videos have over 50,000+ combined views! 

Heidi Perkins

Store Manager

Heidi has been working in the hardware retail industry for 45+ years. Heidi joined Branneky Hardware as a manager and has since been with the company for 25+ years and is a vital part to the overall business historic success. Heidi oversees all day-to-day operations and specializes in customer service. During the Spring of 2023, Heidi was a key player in making sure all products were scanned and registered in order to make sure the new POS system that was installed runs without flaws. 


5th Generation

Tyler Branneky

Tyler Branneky; Son of Tim and Jackie Branneky, is part of the 5th generation at Branneky Hardware. Tyler graduated from Westminster College and joined Branneky Hardware as a store manager in 2017. Tyler grew up hanging out at the store and working any chance he could. In high school, Tyler would work full-time in the summer months when school was out. Tyler has brought many new visions and skills to Branneky Hardware to improve the store as a whole! One of which is the new POS checkout system that was installed in March 2023. This system ensures that the checkout process goes smoothly, more accurately and has cut down wait times. Tyler has many future plans for Branneky Hardware and looks forward to the years to come! Tyler and his brother Tanner have learned and mastered the store from top to bottom over the course of their life, taking numerous continuing education classes and specializing in customer service.

Tanner Branneky

5th Generation

Tanner Branneky; Son of Tim and Jackie Branneky, is part of the 5th generation at Branneky Hardware. Tanner graduated from Westminster College and joined the Branneky Hardware full-time, directly after college. Tanner has had the mindset of joining the store ever since he was a kid. He would spend many hours a day running around the store and asking to help where he can, which typically lead to him pulling items forward to fill the shelves and flipping the handles on the paint cans to allow customers to clearly see the color of paint! Tanner has many vision for Branneky Hardware's future while continuing the overall traditions that ensures the stores authenticity to the community. Making sure the core values of Branneky Hardware are met is one of Tanners highest priorities. Tanner takes pride in his knowledge as he has taken many hours of continuing education, attends multiple hardware shows/conventions yearly and has brought many top brands into Branneky Hardware! 

Jackie Branneky

Certified Master Gardener

Jackie Branneky, married to Tim Branneky and is the mother to Tyler and Tanner Branneky. Jackie has multiple roles at Branneky Hardware! One of which being the manager of "Leslie Two", the storage lot located behind the hardware store; The other being one of the two master gardeners on the Branneky Hardware staff along side with Bev Branneky. Jackie is the founder of the "Branneky Hardware Plant Lovers" facebook group which currently has 1,600+ members. "Plant Lovers", as the group is referred to as, is a community for garden and plant enthusiast to show off their results, ask questions, get tips and tricks, learn about new products, interact with other local gardeners and be the first to know about new deliveries to the Branneky Hardware Garden Center! Jackie, along with Bev, have spent numerous hours volunteering at the Payne-Gentry House in Bridgeton, Missouri. Revamping and bringing the herb garden at the historic property back to life! Jackie is focused on teaching and informing customers on how to get the best result in their gardens each year. 


Bev Branneky

Certified Master Gardener

Bev Branneky is entering her 61st gardening season at Branneky Hardware! In 1960, Bev married Jack Branneky (3rd generation) and began working full-time in the business shortly after! In 2018, Bev graduated from the Missouri Botanical Garden Master Gardeners program and received her Master Gardener designation! Bev has taken it upon herself to make sure the community is receiving the best possible product; Each year, Bev travels to different growers to hand pick specific plants and flowers that Branneky Hardware will carry that can then be cherished by the community. Bev has made it a priority to teach about the art of gardening, not just inform. Outside of Branneky Hardware, Bev spends a large majority of her time doing volunteer work in the community. 

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