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In addition to the outdoor garden center, Branneky's boast over 3,000 square feet of indoor space dedicated specifically for fertilizers, pesticides, plant accessories, and more!


Message From Jackie Branneky
- Certified Master Gardener

January 10, 2024

We're now only a couple of months away from the 2024 planting season! In the Branneky Hardware "inside" garden center you will find all your gardening needs, including a large selection of bulk & packet seeds. Soon the arrival of seed potatoes, onion sets will be in our bulk section. We are looking forward to once again offer healthy, locally grown flower, vegetable & herb plants starters in the "Outside" garden center of the store. Along with sharing tips on how to have the best successful planting season, yet!  If you haven't already, I highly recommend you following our "Branneky Hardware Plant Lovers" facebook group. This is where you can find out the inside scoop of plant arrivals, ask questions, share photos and interact with other likeminded gardeners! From all of us in the garden center, we look forward to seeing our "Spring" friends soon!

Fall Featured Items!
Mole and Gopher Repellents 
Handheld Sprayers

Do you ever find yourself walking on mounds of dirt and realize moles are digging up your yard? We recommend the Victor Mole and Gopher remover. These products can be found in the indoor garden center!

Whether you're getting ready to spray weed killer or you're needing a large tank to spray water on your flowers and plants; we carry a variety of sprayers in multiple different sizes. These can be found in the indoor garden center!

When the leafs fall, make sure you're prepared. We carry a large variety and rakes that very in size, price and sturdiness. The back wall of the indoor garden center is where you can find all of our rakes on display! 


"Branneky Hardware Plant Lovers"
Facebook Group

"Branneky Hardware Plant Lovers" is a free Facebook group that is run by the Branneky Hardware Master Gardeners. The purpose of this group is to grow the community of plant lovers together; share helpful tips and progress photos, have questions answered, and provide updates about the newest shipments of plants & flowers received by The Garden Center at Branneky Hardware!

What is Branneky Hardware Plant Lovers?


We're Counting Down The Days!

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