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The History of
Branneky Hardware

The Late 1850's

  • Pattons’ store opened in 1857 in this location, at the corner of St. Charles Rock Rd. & Fee Fee.

  • C.C. Branneky was a stock boy at Pattons’ until 1892 when he opened his own store.

  • C.C. Branneky’s 1st store was right across the street from Pattons’ in a building he rented from the Lucas Carriage Factory and was partners with James Avery.

  • C.C. Branneky General Merchandise was one of the last stops for the wagon trains to get supplies on the trail going west.

The 1960's & 70's

  • Oliver’s wife, Elizabeth “Libby” helped run the store, especially after her husband’s death in 1967.

  • On Super Bowl Sunday – January 18, 1976 – Branneky Hardware burnt down (an electrical fire).

  • After the fire, Branneky Hardware operated out of the feed house behind the burnt down store.

  • In the Fall of 1976 the new Branneky & Sons Mercantile, Inc. opened at the same location!

The 1990's

  • Since the early 1990’s, Jack’s sons, Jeff & Tim Branneky, are now the 4th generations to own Branneky Hardware. Their wives also work throughout the store.

  • Jack’s wife, Beverly, works at the store and is better known as “The Plant Lady” to Branneky customers.

Present Day 2000's

  • In 2000, Branneky True Value Hardware was named “Best Hardware” in the Best of North County Readers Choice.

  • In 2004, Branneky True Value Hardware was winner of the Better Business Bureau biennial “World Class Customer Satisfaction Award”.

  • In 2004, Branneky True Value Hardware was named “Mississippi Valley Family Business of the Year.”

  • In 2019, Branneky True Value Hardware was voted "Best Hardware Store in St. Louis County" by Community News! 

Did You Know?

  • The St. Charles Rock Road started out as an Indian trail. The trail’s name changed many times over the years. From the “Bourgmont’s Trail”, “El Camion Real” to “Boon’s Lick Trail” and was the beginning of the Santa Fe & Oregon Trails.  At the end of the Civil War the dirt “St. Charles Road” named the time, was rebuilt with compressed layers of stone and was then known as “The Rock Road”.  In 1921, the stone was concreted over and renamed the “St. Charles Rock Road”, the first concrete state highway and oldest road in Missouri!

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