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Here at Branneky Hardware, our employees are family. We believe whole heartedly in personalized customer care and make sure that our employees have the same understanding. Branneky Hardware has been around since 1857 not because of luck, but because of the Branneky's and the employees knowledge and service, not only to the customers, but to the entire community. 


Title: Cashier
Hours: Part-Time 
Days and Times: Weekdays; 4pm-7pm

Job Description:

We are currently on the search to add a cashier to our team! This position would be on weekdays during the evening hours of 4pm-7pm. We recently upgraded our checkout system to a POS computer system and look forward to training you on how to use it! Skills needed include: Basic computer skills, ability to count money, communication skills, and the ability to do math without a calculator or computer. Applications can be fill out/printed and submitted online or they can be picked up in-person at the checkout and turned into a manager during store hours. 

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