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Ice Melt Products

When the winter weather strikes, you can always count on us to have what you need! We have a variety of different products to help make sure your sidewalk, patio and driveway are ice-free and safe! Ice melt can be purchase by individual bags or by a full pallet! Whether you're just looking for regular rock salt to clear the ice or you're looking for a pet-safe product; We have what you need! Scroll down to see what products and size we carry in-stock!

Large 50lb. Bags!

IMG_2889 copy_edited.png

Additional Size Bags

Ice Melt Jugs

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Smaller Bags Available:

  • Rock Salt (25lb Bag)

  • Earth-Wise (20lb Bag)

Traction Sand Available:

  • Traction Tube Sand (70lb Bag)

Handheld Ice Melt Jug:

  • Paw Pal (-25°F; 12lb Jug)

  • Earth-Wise (-5°F; 12 lb Jug)

  • Safe Step: Sure Paws (-15°F; 8lb jug)

  • Safe Step (-10°F; 11lb Jug)

  • Driveway Heat (-25°F; 9.5lb Jug)

Large 50lb Bags include:

  • Rock Salt (-5°F)

  • Earth-Wise (-5°F)

  • Enviro-Heart (-20°F)

  • Calcium Chloride (-25°F)

Pallet Pricing:

  • Rock Salt: $289.10 (49 bags)

  • Earth-Wise: $441.00 (49 bags)

  • Enviro-Heat: $465.50 (49 bags)

  • Calcium Chloride: $921.25 (55 bags)

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